The Skogie’s Water Reclamation Process


  1. During the cleaning process, the car wash water is gently guided down into a series of tanks.
  2. This prevents our car wash water from entering the storm sewer system which would eventually drain into the lake.


  1. Using gravity to our advantage, the slow flow of the water allows for sand, dirt, and debris, etc. to be separated. This collects at the bottom of the tanks and is the first stage of cleaning.
  2. In the final “settling” tank, the water is pulled up through a mechanical filter then pushed through into a cyclonic separation filter.
  3. Here, the water is spun very fast into a vortex, causing more solids to separate from the water.
  4. Nothing greater than 5 microns in size is in the water after this stage. That’s an awesome result considering the human eye can’t see anything less than 40 microns!  For example, a human hair is about 50 microns wide.


  1. The water then moves to the wash for reuse. This process allows us to reclaim more than half of the water used in our car washes!
  2. Any car wash water that is stored after the reclamation process is constantly recirculated through the tanks.
  3. It’s also treated with ozone that’s injected into the tanks. The ozone is responsible for curing bacterial problems that may arise in the stored water.

Skogie’s does a mean green clean.

We’ve hand selected environmentally-friendly cleaning products because we take responsibility for keeping our waterways clean.

  • Surfactant free (foaming agents)
  • Phosphate free (algae stimulant)
  • Sulfate free
  • Biodegradable